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... the Council of Churches in South Australia.

The aim of the South Australian Council of Churches is to assist the churches across South Australia in their journey towards more visible signs of Christian unity and to explore what they might do better together than individually and by nurturing and nourishing their understanding, spiritual growth and practice of ecumenism. Our Vision

The Good Table

Friday 30 May 2014, 6.30pm - Corner Uniting Church, 93 Oaklands Rd, Warradale
You and your ecumenical family & friends are invited to gather at The Good Table to share a meal and friendship together
Details/Flyer and Tickets

Easter and Pentecost 2014

This year, Christians from all traditions will celebrate Easter & Pentecost on the same day - 20 April / 8 June.
It is a key opportunity to celebrate our unity in Christ.  More information
Especially you are invited to The Good Table - see details above

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity : 1-8 June 2014

The international materials have been adapted for our context are now available from the National Council of Churches in Australia.
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Receptive Ecumenism: Annual Lecture/Mini Conference

Friday 17 October 2014, evening - Saturday 18 October 2014, 1pm
Keynote Speaker: Professor Catherine Clifford, St Paul University, Ottawa, Canada
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Peace Lamps from The Holy Land

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Prayers for the Middle East

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Prayer Circle

We invite you and your Church communities, as a sign of our love for one another, to pray especially each month for a particular SACC Member Church - for their growth and greater flourishing in the way of Christ.
April 2014 Churches of Christ in South Australia/Northern Territory
More information or Flyer

Receptive Ecumenism

Healing Gifts for Wounded Hands:The promise and potential of Receptive Ecumenism - a booklet to assist us all in the way of Receptive Ecumenism
Receptive Ecumenism Workshops for Inter Church Councils and for Congregations/Parishes
Receptive Ecumenism: Encounter with Beauty, Truth and Love - Annual Ecumenical Lecture
Receptive Ecumenism: an Examination of Conscience - a reflection


Recognition, Reconciliation and Relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the churches in South Australia

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