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... the Council of Churches in South Australia.

The aim of the South Australian Council of Churches is to assist the churches across South Australia in their journey towards more visible signs of Christian unity and to explore what they might do better together than individually and by nurturing and nourishing their understanding, spiritual growth and practice of ecumenism.

General Meeting

9 May 2015 11:30am-3pm

The General Meeting will be held at Sts Peter & Paul Anglican Cathedral Church Hall, David St, Port Pirie. 

Ecumenical Lenten Resource

This resource is offered every two years and preparations are under way for the next one in 2016.  To download 2014 Resource.

Taizé: Volunteering and Sponsorship

Call for nominations of 18-28 year olds. Applications still being received.

Taize Letter Inviting Nominations
Taize Volunteering Background
Taize Funding Nomination Form

Peace Lamps from The Holy Land: Praying for Peace

See Peace Dove, Peace LampOrder Form, Brochure and Stories  
Information sheet about Taybeh and Peace Lamps now available.
Interview with Fr. Raed Abusahlia, General Director, Caritas Jerusalem, in which he talks about the Peace Lamps More information

Ecumenical summer for the youth of Taybeh, where the Peace Lamps are made by young people. Over 200 children and young people from Taybeh in the West Bank, 25 kms north east of Jerusalem, attended the summer camp organized by the three Christian churches in the village. More information                                  

Receptive Ecumenism

Healing Gifts for Wounded Hands: The promise and potential of Receptive Ecumenism - a booklet to assist us all in the way of Receptive Ecumenism: updated

Receiving the Gift of the Other: Worksheet

Receptive Ecumenism Workshops for Inter Church Councils and for Congregations/Parishes - contact

The Gift of Each Other: Learning from Other Christians
Resource for Parishes

Receptive Ecumenism in International Perspective: Contextual Ecclesial Learning 

Prayer Circle

February 2015 – Anglican Church of Australia: Dioceses of Adelaide, The Murray and Willochra
More information

Domestic Violence Handbook for Clergy and Pastoral Workers

One of the most difficult things for a survivor of violence to do is to find the courage to tell someone they are being abused. Handbook

Recognition, Reconciliation and Relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the churches in South Australia

More information     

Guidelines For Archiving Of Records By Religious Bodies & Organisations

Religious Records Guidelines
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